Bitcoin, not blockchain

Why Bitcoin?




Tomer Strolight

April 18
, 2023


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Why Bitcoin?:
Discover the world of bitcoin with Tomer Strolight's captivating book, "Why Bitcoin?". Originally a series of essays, his work has been transformed into an organized and easy-to-digest collection of short yet insightful reads that explore the most important yet unexplained and poorly understood aspects of Bitcoin.

Through short sentences, clever analogies, and a bit of whimsy, Strolight skillfully tackles major topics like ethics and self-actualization, while also addressing the most commonly raised concerns against bitcoin, keeping readers engaged throughout.

The question-and-answer format of "Why Bitcoin?" makes it perfect for newcomers and experts alike, offering concise and informative chapters on dozens of bitcoin topics. From understanding why Bitcoin is different from anything you've ever seen before, to why it uses energy, and why nobody can stop it, this book answers the burning questions.

This is a fast-paced read that takes you on a journey through the essence of Bitcoin, its impact on the world, and its personal impact on you. The best part is, you don't need to have any prior knowledge of economics, maths, politics, or computer science to enjoy it.