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When Money Destroys Nations


How Hyperinflation Ruined Zimbabwe, How Ordinary People Survived, and Warnings for Nations that Print Money


Philip Haslam & Russell Lamberti

March 20
, 2015


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When Money Destroys Nations:
The collapse of the Zimbabwe dollar in 2009 after years of rampant money printing is a frightening example of what lies in store for countries that resort to printing money to pay national debts, bail out banks and oligarchs, and enrich political elites.

When Money Destroys Nations tells the gripping story of the disintegration of the once thriving Zimbabwean economy and the inspiring and tragic accounts of how ordinary people survived in turbulent circumstances. Philip Haslam and Russell Lamberti give a straightforward and revealing account of the causes and consequences of Zimbabwe's hyperinflation.

Countries around the world are resorting to money printing with their stimulus packages and quantitative easing.  Zimbabwe's economic collapse is not an isolated tragedy. It holds lessons for all countries and for all political leaders tempted to take illusory and perilous shortcuts to prosperity. Zimbabwe's lessons must not be ignored.

"Haslam and Lamberti have produced a fascinating, accessible account of how Zimbabweans actually lived (and died) during the world's second-highest hyperinflation..." - Professor Steve H. Hanke, Johns Hopkins University