Bitcoin, not blockchain

The Devil vs. Bitcoin


How Bitcoin Can Create Freedom and Peace for All


David Rogosky

May 20
, 2022


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The Devil vs. Bitcoin:
Are you in danger of losing your freedom?

The current global monetary system is slowly stealing your wealth, and may eventually take away your freedoms. There is, however, a better system that we will explore together. We will explore why the current system is so dangerous, and how a new revolutionary monetary system might bring you and your family peace and prosperity. You will learn

  • How the incentive structure built into today’s monetary system breeds corruption and violence
  • What the incentives are for the people who control the system to keep it going
  • What the potential threats are to you and your family
  • How a new Bitcoin standard can make you and your family anti-fragile
  • How a new Bitcoin standard can protect your freedom
  • How a new Bitcoin standard can bring eternal peace to you, your family and the rest of the world
  • Predictions on what the future holds

This book is more of a thrilling story than it is a technical training on economics and money, and can be read in just a few hours.

Are you ready to take this journey? Let’s dive in!