Bitcoin, not blockchain

The Bitcoin Shortcut


Quickly Learn How Bitcoin Works, How to Invest, and Why It’s Changing the World


Craig Anthony

October 28
, 2021


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The Bitcoin Shortcut:
The Bitcoin Shortcut is guaranteed to give you a thorough understanding of Bitcoin. You’ll learn high-level concepts, but you’ll also dig deeper and gain an understanding of exactly how Bitcoin works under the hood.

Everything a beginner needs to know (and much more) is nicely summarized and explained here. Once you read it, you'll know Bitcoin better than 99.9% of people and be able to confidently start your Bitcoin journey.

No other book approaches Bitcoin like The Bitcoin Shortcut. This book is the fastest path to fully understanding this revolutionary asset and using it to improve your own life.


- Is it Bitcoin or bitcoin?
- What is The Bitcoin Shortcut?


Part 1 - Preliminaries

1. Money
2. Digital Money

Part 2 - Bitcoin Basics

3. Cryptocurrency Explained
4. Bitcoin Warm-Up
5. Bitcoin Broad Strokes

Part 3 - Technical Details of Bitcoin

6. Cryptographic Hash Functions
7. Digital Keys
8. Digital Signatures
9. Bitcoin Addresses
10. Wallets
11. Blockchain
12. Proof-of-Work
13. Transactions

Part 4 - Investing in Bitcoin

14. 15 Rules for Investing in Bitcoin
15. Buying and Selling Bitcoin
16. Storing Bitcoin
17. Bitcoin Investment Strategy

Closing Thoughts

Appendix 1 - SHA256
Appendix 2 - Entropy
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Craig Anthony is a software developer, CFA charterholder, and Bitcoin advocate. He runs Predictive Bitcoin AnalyticsTM and is building the world’s most accurate Bitcoin valuation and volatility models. You can learn more at

Craig has also been involved in technology startups since 2015. Prior to this, he spent over a decade in wealth management for high-net-worth and ultra-high-net-worth individuals, mostly focusing on investment analysis, investment selection, and portfolio management.

He lives in New York City with his wife and daughter. This book is Proof-of-Work that Craig did his homework on Bitcoin.