Bitcoin, not blockchain

The Bible and Bitcoin
The Bible and Bitcoin

The Bible and Bitcoin


A Theological Exploration of Human Time, Energy and Bitcoin


Alin Armstrong

August 29
, 2023


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The Bible and Bitcoin:
Our current monetary system is broken. Inflation is rampant, our savings are being devalued, and it seems there is no hope for a solution. Fiat money is robbing us and our neighbors of our most valuable commodity - time. As Christians, we are called to love our neighbors, but how can we do that when the money we use is contributing to a system that is stealing from them? It may seem unconventional, but Bitcoin offers a solution to this problem. The Bible calls for a just and equal monetary system, free of fraud and deception - and Bitcoin fits the bill.

Join Pastor Alin Armstrong as he delves into the intersection of biblical and monetary history, embarking on a journey that ultimately leads to the unlikely destination of Bitcoin, the native currency of the internet.