Bitcoin, not blockchain

Proof of Money


The Big Idea Behind Bitcoin (What You Don't Know About Why You Need It)


Terence Michael

May 2
, 2023


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Proof of Money:
Bitcoin can grow and secure your wealth for generations. But the key is knowing how, why, and when.  Get ready to challenge what you think you know about money.

Bitcoin is a better all-in-one investment

  • No monetary debasement
  • No intermediaries, brokers, managers
  • No rehypothecation
  • Full bearer asset you hold
  • No need to financialize things you don't care about

Bitcoin is better than stocks and bonds

  • No centralization
  • No counterparty risk
  • No VIP, IPO, or insider privilege
  • No CEO or executive decisions

Bitcoin digitizes gold

  • Makes it portable, divisible, verifiable, frictionless

Bitcoin is the "internet of money"

  • 24/7 access, decentralized, permissionless, lightning fast

Bitcoin demonetizes income real estate

  • No maintenance, deterioration, property taxes, tenants, liens
  • Liquid, fractional, instant, mobile
  • Absolute scarcity and sovereign rights for anyone

Bitcoin revolutionizes money technology

  • Auditable, immutable, transparent, open-source
  • Unhackable ledger of value secured by energy

Bitcoin improves the environment

  • Stabilizes electric grids
  • Emits zero carbon emissions
  • Removes methane and CO2 from others
  • Consumes less than 0.1% of global energy
  • Relies solely on wasted, discarded, stranded, renewable energy

Bitcoin is freedom for 8 billion people

  • For the unbanked, oppressed, disenfranchised
  • Sees no borders, race, religion, politics, sex, or status
  • Equality of opportunity and value for all

Bitcoin is a separation of money from the state

  • Free from confiscation, sanction, manipulation, censorship
  • Supports independence, activism, or privacy
  • Accountable only to the holder, a bank of the brain

The secret to unlocking Bitcoin is understanding its principles and properties.

Whether you're a seasoned investor or a curious newcomer, this book will transform your relationship with money (and help you gain more of it).