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From Bars To Bitcoin




Justin Rhedrick

September 1
, 2021


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From Bars To Bitcoin:
Ever wonder what it takes to transform your mind? Mindset development coach and Bitcoin educator Justin Rhedrick teaches us how learning bitcoin helped him unlock a level of success he never thought possible. In this raw and compelling autobiography, Justin shares his life-changing journey from an inmate in North Carolina’s prison system to a thriving entrepreneur. After witnessing a deadly shootout his senior year of high school and later serving a three-year prison sentence, Justin shows readers exactly how to persevere in the face of tragic life obstacles. He explores the power of being an early adopter of Bitcoin and sheds light on its potential to change the world’s financial structure. Now a devoted father and successful life coach, Justin hopes this book will serve as a leadership challenge for business owners and anyone looking to dramatically rewrite their life story.