Bitcoin, not blockchain

Building Bitcoin Websites


A Beginner's Guide to Bitcoin Focused Web Development


Kyle Honeycutt

June 26
, 2016


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Building Bitcoin Websites:
This book is a crash course in learning to build and develop web based applications that use the peer-to-peer cryptocurrency, Bitcoin. You will start with an overview of Bitcoin and then immediately dive into coding HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP. You will learn how to execute API requests to the Bitcoin client software and third party service providers.

This book is intended for beginner and intermediate web developers with step-by-step instructions throughout. Do you have a blog, use WordPress, or find yourself copying other people's code? This book will teach you how to write your own web applications from scratch!

As you learn new skills, this book will walk you through three projects, from creating your own widgets, building an online store, and creating a Bitcoin game!

- Over 120 code examples
- HTML, CSS, JavaScript and PHP
- Learn the fun way by building real working applications
- Create dynamic sites that interact with your users
- Build a store that accepts Bitcoin
- Create your own Bitcoin game