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Bitcoin: Sovereignty & Independence




Knut Svanholm

February 28
, 2023


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Bitcoin: Sovereignty & Independence:
Sovereignty & Independence is the re-hashed version of Knut Svanholm’s first two “proper” bitcoin books: “Bitcoin: Sovereignty through mathematics” and “Bitcoin: Independence re-imagined”. An engaging and educational read that shows Knut’s ability to put himself into his books.

In this re-hash Knut sets aside technicalities and helps us look at the hard lessons of hard money. He dives in with the poetic description of bitcoin’s “immaculate conception” and then introduces the groundbreaking concept of true absolute digital scarcity.

Through clear and elegant writing, Knut takes us on a philosophical journey to explore the new language of money that Bitcoin creates while never losing touch with what is happening in the world.

Then we plunge even deeper down the rabbit hole. We dive into the primitive constraints of the current fiat system, the pitfalls of central banking, and how inflation keeps us all on a leash. Using metaphors and examples, Knut highlights the shortcomings of the old boxes we have been operating within and urges us to critically examine them, challenge them, and envision a future where we exercise greater autonomy over our lives, both financially and socially thanks to Bitcoin.

This book is provocatory and it needs to be. It’s hard to imagine something we’ve never experienced and it’s hard to picture a different reality from the one that we are so immersed in. Knut forces us to face this reality and confront our own behaviors. He exposes the rigged coercion game we’re part of and shows us how bitcoin can take us out of it if we accept the challenge.

Bitcoin is not something you believe in, but something you need to understand and define for yourself. "Sovereignty & Independence" in its striking simplicity is a pleasure to read and will help you do just that.