Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin Red Pill


The moral, material and technological Renaissance


Renato Amoedo & Alan Schramm

September 29
, 2022


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Bitcoin Red Pill:
The time has come to define your family's future: will you leave it in the hands of politicians or yours?
Do politicians want their children to be independent, rich and intelligent or imbeciles, poor and submissive? and you? What do you prefer?

The book proposes a reflection on a complex and not very encouraging scenario: financial, cultural and political totalitarianism; and an individual solution: Bitcoin.

Bitcoin: the proposal of the mysterious Satoshi Nakamoto created a digital money resistant to censorship, seigniorage and expropriations - immutable, portable, open, decentralized, pseudo-anonymous and scarce - and that can take away from governments capital and monetary controls, producing a Renaissance - as it happened after the medieval Black Death.
The work is a manual for understanding this technology, its causes and consequences.

Time preferences, motivations and values will be reversed: fame replaced by privacy, consumption by savings, gassy relationships by solid ones, popularity by reputation, security by freedom, dignity by honor.