Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin is Magic


Internet Money, Memetic Warfare, and the End of Mere Reality


David Morris

November 3, 2019
, 2019


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Bitcoin is Magic:
Bitcoin and other blockchain technologies have defied skeptics, becoming increasingly recognized as significant financial instruments and potentially transformative data infrastructure. This book dives into how cryptocurrency works, in a way that's comprehensible to human beings, and maybe even occasionally entertaining. But it also goes well beyond that."Bitcoin is Magic" considers the possible long-term social impact of blockchain and cryptocurrencies by looking at the transformations triggered by past innovations like the telegraph, the railway, and the light bulb. It also addresses the arguments (and personal psychology) of some of crypto's biggest skeptics, sifts through the mass of terrible crypto 'journalism' to help you find the good stuff - and, yes, explains why Bitcoin is a form of actual magic. Your guide through all of this is David Z. Morris. David has been a leading journalist covering cryptocurrency and blockchain technology for half a decade. He is currently a staff writer at Fortune Magazine, and was formerly a staffer at the late, lamented BreakerMag. His work on crypto has also appeared in The Atlantic, Slate, Aeon, Bitcoin Magazine, and many other outlets. He is also a PhD social scientist with a specialty in media technology and social change.