Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin, Infinitely Accurate, Impartially Fair


The Blockchain That Brought a Higher Standard for Money


Milen Stefanov

November 12
, 2022


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Bitcoin, Infinitely Accurate, Impartially Fair:
This informative and comprehensive examination into Bitcoin discusses the history of money and how it has transformed into what we now know as digital currency. Written from a unique perspective and filled with valuable information, Bitcoin, Infinitely Accurate, Impartially Fair is thoughtful, developed, and indispensable for investors and those interested in entering the world of bitcoin.

Readers are immediately immersed with the evolution of money and debt, as well as the current currency climate and the transition to digital money before a lengthy discourse of the problems with traditional money facing the world.

The evolution of bitcoin is thoroughly discussed, from how it works, the different types of blockchain, to the various Gold properties associated. The importance of each subtopic is emphasized through the writing in a way readers will be able to understand and appreciate.

The debate between bitcoin and paper money, the pros and cons of each, is laid bare before moving on to the inherent risks associated with bitcoin. As with any currency, there is the potential for loss. Bitcoin is no different. By understanding the safety and security aspects potential investors will be able to make better decisions.

An argument over why you should invest in bitcoin is laid bare before the actual mining operation for bitcoin is detailed. From there the sky is the limit, depending on how much time and energy one is willing to invest and how developed your mining rig is.

As with any investment opportunity, there are certain myths that can either supplement or detract from the investor’s willingness to move forward. A string of ten of the most misunderstood bitcoin myths are examined, showing investors the truth behind each and allowing them to make up their own minds.

Rounding out Bitcoin, Infinitely Accurate, Impartially Fair is the future of the market. Complete with references and an in depth knowledge of one who has worked the business for years, this is the perfect beginner book for anyone looking to get involved with the world of digital currency.