Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin Girl


Save the World


Will Schoellkopf

January 12
, 2023


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Bitcoin Girl:
All graduating high school senior Destiny wants is revenge against her father, and she’s willing to achieve it by any means necessary. She desperately wants to prove to her dad that he was a fool for abandoning her before she was born. Despite her efforts to attract followers to her influencer livestream, she’s had trouble building a fan base without getting direct donation support via bitcoin. Her only follower, environmentalist Sebastian, recruits her to his armed eco-resistance by pitching she’ll go from a forgettable nobody to a famous somebody. Without hesitation, she jumps into his military Chinook helicopter with both feet!

Now enlisted with Sebastian, Destiny panics: she starts reconsidering if an environmentally friendly, violent uprising is the best reason to be famous. Sebastian insists that the environment is a cause worth dying for and encourages her to adopt the leading role of Captain. She apprehensively accepts the position, but mainly to impress dreamy Sebastian who has proven very attractive! Even though she has never fired a weapon, she is thrust into commanding Delta Squad.

Destiny builds Bitcoin Beach in El Salvador to be a renewable energy, bitcoin mining paradise. Though she’s finally achieved worldwide fame, the old desire to take revenge against her father is never far from her thoughts. Just as Sebastian is about to confess that her altruism proves her worthy of her father’s love — fire breaks out! Destiny orders Delta Squad to pile into her Humvee to investigate…