Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin for Kiddos


The Story of Bitcoin


Chris & Frieda Bobay

January 1
, 2021


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Bitcoin for Kiddos:
BITCOIN FOR KIDDOS is a great story for children and adults alike. Learn the story of Bitcoin and how it is taking the world by storm. Perfect for an afternoon read or a bedtime story. This book is guaranteed to give you and your child a headstart on your journey down the Bitcoin Rabbit Hole. This engaging story is guaranteed to keep you asking questions long after the last page is read. Perfect for that family member that needs an extra push to look deeper into Bitcoin or that friend that is endlessly jokes with you about Hodling it. This book is great for your personal library or a gift for friends. The back pages of the book have a glossary of basic Bitcoin terms that will help you grow your families knowledge and terminology used in the crypto space. Learn the basic concepts of money and currency and gain a better understanding of the importance of Bitcoin.