Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin & Exponential Freedom


Why Bitcoin Is Monetary Excellence And Why The Use Of Bitcoin Will Drive Global Peace, Civilizational Progress And Exponential Freedom


Mr Jake Samuel Leary

June 1
, 2022


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Bitcoin & Exponential Freedom:
In this prominent book, explore why using Bitcoin, a digital, decentralized, peer to peer money with a fixed, immutable and programmatic supply is an essential prerequisite for having free and open societies.

This Bitcoin book was written with the intent of providing an enjoyable and easy to read introduction into Bitcoin and why it was created. This book is intentionally short and the author has made it an imperative to eliminate any and all waffle where possible, to save the readers time and get to the point. The second main objective of the book is to highlight why Bitcoin is money and why it is important to understand what exactly money is and the history of money itself, which loops back to Bitcoin, hopefully providing the reader with an understanding of why sacrificing decentralisation or security for speed or utility is none negotiable for a base layer money.

The author hopes to be able to spark a light for newcomers to Bitcoin, money and economics in general. Sadly, there is no substitute for work, you either have to do the work for yourself or you have to trust someone else that has. The author hopes that by reading this book, enough of a curiosity will have been sparked to lead the reader to ask some deeper questions and to pursue their own journey of critical thought and verify for themselves what is true and what is not.

The author views Bitcoin as humanities only shot at separating money and state. Therefore, the most important tool for freeing humanity. Due to these beliefs, all proceeds from this book will be either donated to Bitcoin accepting charities or distributed directly to deserving indivduals. The authors intent is to help others by sharing his knowledge, not to monetize on the coattails of #Bitcoin.


If you take a look at the world around you today and compare it to the world of a decade or two decades ago, it should be abundantly clear to see that technology is advancing at an exponential rate. This is a good thing. Technological advancements provide us with more for less.

The problem is this, if our current monetary system has to be artificially inflated in order to produce artificial nominal growth, so that credit doesn't contract and eventually collapse, how can this system be congruent with a world that is exponentially advancing from a technological stand point? Technological advancements are not going to stop. They are also not going to grow linearly. They are going to grow, and are growing, exponentially.

Meaning, monetary manipulation is also going to have to increase exponentially in order to keep pace with technology and create a positive nominal ‘growth’ number. If we want to live in a free and open society, we have to think deeply and critically about the implications of this.

A little Inflation is said to be good. Why? Ask yourself why? Why is it necessary for your currency to lose value in order for society to function? Wouldn’t the opposite be true?.

In this extraordinary book, Jake Leary, an e-commerce entrepreneur with over 10 years of business experience and an extensive investing and economics background, uncovers from a first principles perspective, what money is, why gold was money, why bitcoin is superior money, the problems caused by the current monetary system and how and why "Bitcoin fixes this."