Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin and Beef


Criticisms, Similarities, and Why Decentralization Matters


Tristan Scott

March 22
, 2022


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Bitcoin and Beef:
Today, society is faced with the highest rates of chronic disease in human history and an ever-increasing wealth gap. Open your mind to discover the truth behind the real issues plaguing our financial and food systems - overly centralized corporations and government entities that care only about their bottom line.

Bitcoin and Beef addresses how we have arrived at this unfortunate point, and how the result is a much lower quality of life for billions worldwide. Increased decentralization is the solution, with Bitcoin and beef (through regenerative farming) having the ability to spearhead the respective revolutions in the financial and food industries for the better of mankind, despite the many criticisms laid upon them.

Who wouldn't want a financial and food system that is more accessible, more redundant, more sustainable, better for the environment, and better for the people; offering a means to live your most optimal life.

It is time to take back control of our money and our food, of our wealth and our health.