Bitcoin, not blockchain

Bitcoin: a Concise History




Eric Morse

July 3
, 2017


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Bitcoin: a Concise History:
Understand the History of Bitcoin.

Bitcoin is a revolutionary new currency… the future of money. Bitcoin is a network protocol and software that makes the currency work. But it is also much more than either of those. Bitcoin is a community with a shared history and experience that new users can't just buy on an exchange or download onto their smartphone. That history and those experiences are vital to understanding the advice given to new users, potential investors, and curious onlookers.

Bitcoin: A Concise History is a timeline of Bitcoin’s defining moments, from before the release of Satoshi Nakamoto’s white paper, through scams and scandals of MtGox and Bitcoin Savings and Trust, through the bubbles and the births of popular memes that confuse new users to this day.

If you are curious about bitcoin, the currency…
If you are intrigued by Bitcoin, the technology…
You MUST understand Bitcoin, the community and its history.

You Will Learn:

What are the key events that caused or coincided with massive price movements?
Why are people so adamant about not leaving bitcoin in an exchange?
What the heck does "HODL" mean?
Why are there different versions of the Bitcoin software?
What are Bitcoin's philosophical roots?
…And More!